100% GREEN electricity: solar powered workshop

All the BBQs are hand built using 100% green electricity. We invested in a load of solar panels up on the workshop roof. The electricity that is generated is sold back into the grid at a good rate. We are also supplied with 100% green electricity from the lovely people at ECOTRICITY on their greenest tariff.

All the cutting, drilling and welding in the workshop is made possible through the electricity generated from the sun, wind and waves….
We also like to plant trees and bamboo around the industrial estate and try to be as green as we can be.
Metalwork isn’t the most eco friendly or healthy industry to be in, but we ensure that with good working practices we minimise emissions and damage to the environment and our health. Wherever possible finishes we use natural raw finishes for the projects. Our favourite is lightly polished raw steel with a bit of wax or linseed oil.

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