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  1. Calor Gas Limited (“Calor”) has become aware that the “Gas bottle woodburner” (the “Product”), an image of which is displayed above, is currently being offered for sale via the website at http://conansturdy.co.uk/ (the “Website”).

    Please note that the attempted conversion of any container designed to facilitate the storage of liquefied petroleum gas (“LPG”) is extremely dangerous, and can result in serious injury or death. Even when they appear to be empty, containers will often contain traces of LPG, and may explode violently if they are handled inappropriately.

    Please also note that Calor-branded cylinders and tanks remain at all times the non-transferable property of Calor. The use of these containers for any purpose other than the storage of LPG is unlawful. Calor reserves the right to issue legal proceedings in the event of any breach of its ownership rights.

    Accordingly, we respectfully request that, no later than 1 August 2013:

    i. the Product is removed from the Website; and
    ii. you refrain from selling the Product.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

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