Original Jerk

These have been selling well like BBQs in the summer. Struggling to keep up with demand and close to 50 sales this summer alone. Orders from all over the UK, these bad boy BBQs can be sent on a pallet or as individual pieces.

Pls see dedicated site

Full drum with lid or half drum, they come fully edged with a variety of options. All come with a unique forged steel handle (all different) and a poker.

Three part grill, single grill, cool smoke shelf, X frame stand, chimney, chimney extension foldable, wooden preparation shelves and sun canopy.

Over the winter we’ll be getting the next limited edition batch of 50….

15 years of research and design has gone into these and I’m very happy with the results… Sprayed Matt black they look simple and understated- but work well and give the good the essential smokey flava.





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  1. Full respect to Conan who made this piece for us, uniquely crafted and will be treasured for years to come. #originaljerk

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