Hairpin Legs

The workshop sells a variety of hairpin legs… 28″ 16″ and any size/ height can be made up with 12 or 16mm mild steel round bar welded to a laser cut triangular top plate with slots to allow for timber expansion/contraction

One offs or small batches delivered on a pallet… Tight deadline ? No probs



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  1. Hi Conan
    Could you please give me a quote for 4 x 18″ hairpin legs – do they come in different coatings/colours?

  2. I’d say no, they might bend under the weight and you could have a splayed out coffee table. Id go for 16mm…
    what sort of wdith and thickness on the Oak ? 12mm night work if 3 prong

  3. it should be OK, you’d need some really nice quality screws, or you could bolt straight through the table with roofing bolts- the shallow domed ones, slightly rebated would be cool. I could always put a 3 prong hairpin or make a complete table frame that the oak can sit on top. that would add about £100 to the cost so £200 for lesg welded to a frame…. good bolts or screws would be fine as well

  4. Thanks for the insight, let me have a think and get back to you, shortly. Not sure whether I want to drill through the oak or not for the bolts yet?

  5. Hey Conan, I think we’d like get the frame made up with the pin legs. I fired you over an email with the dimensions etc, did it come through? Cheers

  6. Hello i am after 4 x 3 prong 16mm hair pin legs for a standard height dining table posted to ex311qy

    How much would this be , and How much would it be on top to have them in black thanks chris

    • Hi Chris, we could make them in raw steel and lightly polish and wax for £120… sprayed black gloss or Matt for £180

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