Superlight “Dynamic Flex ” hairpin chair…

Experimental Super Light hairpin chair with “Dynamic Flex” . 8mm round bar with essential cross bracing. A perfectly flexible back for a super comfy seating. The “dynamic flex ” provides just enough support for your back while providing a “dynamic flex” that exercises the lumbar spinal region whilst you sit, great for strengthening your lower spine in recovery from prolapsed discs. Sounds a bit improbable but take  you can exercise your spine while sitting. A dynamic seat keeps you spine in a constant flux- strengthening the triangular muscles deep around the base of your spine. These strengthened muscles can protect your discs and potentially avoid serious pain by locking them into place where the mylar sheeth has ripped. A spinal disc impinging onto your spinal root nerve going down the whole of your left leg hurts like nothing you’ll ever experience. A poor sitting position weakens your back and opens up the bones allowing the discs to prolapse onto your root nerve. If you sit properly you’ll be less likely to do this and live a happy healthier life. This chair makes you sit properly

Apart from providing  an essential  function: spinal strengthening whilst seated,  it also looks pritty. Hell yeah !! the contrast between the thick slabs of oiled and reclaimed timber and thin steel frame with “dynamic flex” is easy on the eye… Its made it a workshop with a ethos of minimal waste and everything is made with 100% renewable electricity in Streatham. The lumbar support is also tuneable by sliding the P clips up higher or lower to provide the perfect support and flex.

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