Oil Drum BBQs & Jerk Pans

Here at the workshop in Streatham South West London we design and build oil drum bbqs. We like to get them to look good- we’re craftsmen ! But ultimately they are brilliant to cook on again and again… As blacksmiths we like to think that we know fire and how to use it. In a great bbq you need thick grills to handle the heat. When thin grills get hot they sag, our grills are 6mm or 1/4” laser cut silicon steel. These thick grills heat up nicely and hold the heat in. They are one of the best cooking surfaces for a bbq on the planet…

We don’t use thin mesh or skimp on materials or workmanship. All the bbqs are built with 100% renewable energy. They are handmade and we also custom build them with such things as logos or branding, artwork etc.

If your looking for a bbq we’ve got a big range of oil drum BBQs, built from brand new oil drums. They’re slick, well built and you can buy direct from us, no middle man or shop.

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