Blacksmithing lessons

Wanna learn how to forge ? I offer one to one and group lessons in blacksmithing. Drop us a line or give us a call. The workshop is fully equipped with hand tools, anvils, gas forges, welding equipment and a power hammer

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  1. Hi, my name is Tim de Ket, founder of Stalwart Crafts, we make high-end leather aprons and I’m looking to expand our product range. I’ve always have been intrigued in forging.
    Would you be interested in giving me a lesson to make cutlery and knives and we can see where this might take us! Feel free to call me on 07760502213
    Thanks Tim

    • heh Tim,

      thanks for your message. Yes sounds like a good project and something we could help with.
      I doting always check this messaging on the site… so apologies for the slow reply. my email is and mobile 07866 264 755 and we could certainly make some lovely cutlery and help you set up your own production

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